Dr. Elad Dente

Geomorphology and Hydrology group
Also lectures at: Geological Survey of Israel
Research Interests
Selected Publications

My research is focused on hydrological and geomorphological processes, and the interactions between them. The current research subjects include drainage basins and fluvial evolutions, surface runoff, sediment transport,  landslides and cliff evolution, and detection of climatic and hydrological changes and trends. Remotely sensed datasets, digital elevation models (DEMs), and 2D hydraulic models are significant in my research. Therefore, I am interested in novel geospatial analysis methods to detect patterns, processes, and their controlling factors on terrestrial and submarine surfaces.

Fluvial Incision and Coarse Gravel Redistribution Across the Modern Dead Sea Shelf as a Result of Base-Level Fall

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Eyal, H., Dente, E., Haviv, I., Enzel, Y., Dunne, T., & Lensky, N.
Sinuosity Evolution Variations Along an Incising Channel: The Jordan River Response to the Dead Sea Level Fall

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Megalakes in the Sahara?

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Rainfall and Meteorology Patterns of Flash Flood-producing Storms in the Levant Drylands and their Hydrogeomorphic Implications

Journal of Hydrometeorology, 19: 1077–1096.

Armon, M., Dente, E., Smith, J.A., E., Morin, E., & Enzel, Y.
Geomorphic Response of a Low-Gradient Channel to Modern, Progressive Base-Level Lowering: Nahal HaArava, the Dead Sea

Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 122(12): 2468- 2487.

Dente, E., Lensky, N.G., Morin, E., Grodek, T., Sheffer, N., & Enzel, Y.
Self-accelerated Development of Salt Karst During Flash Floods along the Dead Sea Coast, Israel

Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 121(1): 17-38.

Avni, Y., Lensky, N.G., Dente, E., Shviro, M., Arav, R., Gavrieli, I., Yechieli, Y., Abelson, M., Lutzky, H., Filin, S., Haviv, I., & Baer, G.
The Impact of Ornithogenic Inputs on Phosphorous Transport from Altered Wetland Soils to waterways in East Mediterranean Ecosystem

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Litaor, M., Reichmann, O., Dente, E., Naftaly, A., & Shenker, M.
Determining Bathymetry of Shallow and Ephemeral Desert Lakes Using Satellite Imagery and Altimetry

Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL087367

Armon, M., Dente, E., Shimolvitz, Y., Mushkin, A., Cohen, T., Enzel, Y., & Morin, E.

Moria Sendler