Dr. Eyal Kurzbaum

Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology lab
Research Interests
Selected Publications
  1. Biological removal of organic contaminants and micro-pollutants from water
  2. Agricultural wastewater purification (dairy farms, fish ponds, olive mills)
  3. Removal of nitrogen compounds from water (wastewater and drinking water)
  4. Immobilization and encapsulation of microbial biomass (bacteria and fungi)
  5. Photosynthesis in plants and algae
Phosphate removal from dairy wastewater and domestic effluents

Horizons in Geography, 95, 60-69. (in Hebrew).

Kurzbaum E., Bar Shalom O.
Rain-based soil solarization for reducing the persistent seed banks of invasive plants in natural ecosystems – Acacia saligna as a plant model

Pest Management Science Doi:10.1002/ps.5306.

Cohen, O., Bar (Kutiel), P., Gamliel, A., Katan, J., Kurzbaum, E., Weber, G., Shubert, I. and Riov, J. 2019
Diurnal changes of the delayed fluorescence integral from a Chlorella vulgaris culture under ambient light


Eckert, W, Leunert, F., Yacobi, YZ, Köhler, J. Kurzbaum, E.
From the Titanic and other shipwrecks to biofilm prevention: The interesting role of polyphenol-protein complexes in biofilm inhibition

Science of the Total Environment, 25, 658:1098-1105.

Kurzbaum, E., Iliasafov, L., Kolik, L., Starosvetsky, J., Bilanovic, D., Butnariu, M., & Armon, R
Phenol biodegradation by bacterial cultures encapsulated in 3D microfiltration-membrane capsules

Environmental Technology

Eyal Kurzbaum, Yasmin Raizner, Martin E. Kuc, Anatoly Kulikov, Ben Hakimi, Lilach Iasur Kruh, Ofir Menashe
Teachers' Knowledge, Beliefs, and Attitudes about Climate Change

International Education Studies

Seroussi, D.E., Rothschild, N., Kurzbaum. E., Yaffe, Y., & Hemo, T.
Extracellular laccase production and phenolics degradation by an olive mill wastewater isolate

Grasas y Aceites, 69(1), 231-241.

Rupak Kumar(#), Yasmin Raizner, Lilach Iasur Kruh, Ofir Menashe, Hassan Azaizehe, Suman Kapur, Eyal Kurzbaum
Controlling the seed bank of the invasive plant Acacia saligna: comparison of the efficacy of prescribed burning, soil solarization, and their combination

Biological Invasions 20, 2875-2887.

Cohen, O., Bar (Kutiel) P., Gamliel, Katan, Kurzbaum, E and Riov, J
Treatment of olive mill wastewater using ozonation followed by an encapsulated acclimated biomass

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 6(4), 5014-5023.

Yeara Bar Oz(#), Hadas Mamane, Ofir Menashe, Vered Cohen-Yaniv, Rupak Kumar, Lilach Iasur Kruh, Eyal Kurzbaum
Facilitated enumeration of the silicate bacterium Paenibacillus mucilaginosus comb. nov. (formerly Bacillus mucilaginosus) via tetrazolium chloride incorporation into a double agar-based solid growth medium

Folia Microbiologica 63(3),401–404.

Annie Vardanian, Eyal Kurzbaum, Yair Farber, Monica Butnariu, Robert Armon
Aspects of carbon dioxide mitigation in a closed microalgae photo-bioreactor supplied with flue gas

International Journal of Environment and Pollution, Vol. 62, No. 1, pp.1–16.

Kurzbaum, E., Aharoni, A., Kirzhner, F., Azov, Y. and Armon, R.
Lanthanum-modified bentonite: Potential for efficient removal of phosphates from fish pond effluents

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24(17), 15182-15186.

Kurzbaum E., Yasmin Raizner, Oded Cohen, Guy Rubinstein, Oded Bar Shalom
Encapsulated Pseudomonas putida for phenol biodegradation: Use of a structural membrane for construction of a well-organized confined particle

Water research, 121, 37–45.

Kurzbaum E., Yasmin Raizner, Oded Cohen, Ran Y. Suckeveriene, Anatoly Kulikov, Ben Hakimi, Lilach Iasur Kruh, Yair Farber, Robert Armon, Ofir Menashe
A Novel Bioaugmentation Treatment Approach using a Confined Microbial Environment: A Case Study in a MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

Environmental Technology 37(12):1582-90.

Menashe O., Kurzbaum E.
Performance comparison of plant root biofilm, gravel attached biofilm and planktonic microbial populations, in phenol removal within a constructed wetland wastewater treatment system

Water SA, 42 (1), 166-170.

Kurzbaum E., F. Kirzhner, R. Armon
The potential of phosphate removal from dairy wastewater and municipal wastewater effluents using a lanthanum-modified bentonite

Applied Clay Science, 123, 182-186.

Kurzbaum, E., Bar Shalom, O.
Environmental Aspects of Cryptosporidium

Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Research 3(2), 1048.

Armon R, Gold D, Zuckerman U, Kurzbaum E
Online quizzes in a virtual learning environment as a tool for formative assessment

Journal of Technology and Science Education, 6(3), 188-208.

Cohen, D. & Sasson, I.
The potential of autochthonous microbial culture encapsulation in a confined environment for phenols biodegradation

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 22(19), 15179-15187.

Azaizeh H, Kurzbaum E, Said H, Jaradat O and Menashe O.
Small-Bioreactor Platform Technology as a Municipal Wastewater Additive Treatment

Water Science and Technology, 69(3) 504-510.

Menashe O., Kurzbaum E.
LP-UV-Nano MgO2 Pretreated Catalysis Followed by Small Bioreactor Platform Capsules Treatment for Superior Kinetic Degradation Performance of 17α-Ethynylestradiol

Materials, 13(1), 83.

Vaddadi, L. P., Avisar, D., Vadivel, V. K., Menashe, O., Kurzbaum, E., Cohen-Yaniv, V., & Mamane, H.
Biodegradation of the Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical 17α-Ethynylestradiol (EE2) by Rhodococcus zopfii and Pseudomonas putida Encapsulated in Small Bioreactor Platform (SBP) Capsules.

Applied Sciences, 10, 336.

Ofir Menashe, Yasmin Raizner, Martin Esteban Kuc, Vered Cohen-Yaniv, Aviv Kaplan, Hadas Mamane, Dror Avisar, Eyal Kurzbaum

Martin Esteban Kuc

Lab manager. M.Sc Biotechnology, Faculty of medicine, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Neta Bar niv

M.Sc Studant, Water sciences | Research field: AOP+biotreatments | B.Sc. Environmental Sciences, Tel-Hai College, Israel.