Dr. Irit Sasson

Research Interests
Selected Publications


Participation in research apprenticeship program: Issues related to career choice in STEM

International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 17(3), 467-482.

Sasson, I.
Pedagogical characteristics of classroom learning tasks: a three-dimensional methodological framework

Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 27(2), 163-182.

Sasson, I.
Implementation of an educational change in the organization – An evaluation model

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Sasson, I., & Kopietz, K.
Building a sustainable university-community partnership: Case study in science education

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Sasson, I.
Fostering critical thinking and question-posing skill in an innovative learning environment

Thinking Skills and Creativity, 29, 203-212.

Sasson, I., Yehuda, I., & Malkinson, N.
What determines a school's success in science and technology education? Learning from success in the periphery

Mifgash' - For educational and social work, 44, 11-36. (In Hebrew)

Sasson, I.
Online quizzes in a virtual learning environment as a tool for formative assessment

Journal of Technology and Science Education, 6(3), 188-208.

Cohen, D. & Sasson, I.
A three-attribute transfer skills framework – Part II: Applying and assessing the model in science education

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Sasson, I., & Dori, Y.
The role of informal science centers in science education: attitudes, skills, and self-efficacy

Journal of Technology and Science Education, 4(3), 167-180.

Sasson, I.
Assessment for effective intervention: Enrichment science academic program

Journal of Science Education and Technology, 22(5), 718-728.

Sasson, I., & Cohen, D.
Towards mutual understanding (TMU) – Religious and secular students in higher education

Journal of Educational and Social Research, 3(1), 151-162. Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v3n1p151

Hen, M., & Sasson, I.
A three-attribute transfer skills framework – Part I: Establishing the model and its relation to chemical education

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Dori, Y.J., & Sasson, I.
Evaluation of the democratic school: The perspective of the graduates

Maof Uma’aseh, 15, 146-172. (In Hebrew)

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Research-based teaching in science education: A regional innovative program. In N. Callaos, J. Horne, N. Lace, W. Lesso, & M. Siddique (Eds.)

The 17th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics – Proceedings book (pp. 253-256). Orlando, Florida, USA: International Institute of Informatics and Systemics.

Sasson, I.
Social responsibility in science education: A multidimensional model for evaluating programs to reduce educational disparity in the periphery. In R. Lustig (Ed.)

Towards an era of social responsibility: The evaluators, evaluees, and the public (pp. 185-200). Israel Association for Program Evaluation. (In Hebrew)

Sasson, I., & Kopietz, K.
Transfer skills and their case-based assessment. In B. J. Fraser, K. G. Tobin, and C. J. McRobbie (Eds.)

The Second International Handbook of Science Education (pp. 691-710). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer-Verlag.

Sasson, I., & Dori, Y.J.
Aging and information technology and communication (ICT): What affects attitudes towards computers?

Gerontology, 39(3), 57-75. (In Hebrew)

Sasson, I., Greenbaum, E., & Govrin, A.
Chemical understanding and graphing skills in an honors case-based computerized chemistry laboratory environment: The value of bidirectional visual and textual representations

Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 45, 219-250.

Dori, Y. J., & Sasson, I.
Fostering near and far transfer in the chemistry case-based laboratory environment. In G. Clarebout, & J. Elen (Eds.)

Avoiding simplicity, confronting complexity: Advance in studying and designing powerful (computer-based) learning environments (pp. 275-286). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publication.

Sasson, I., & Dori, Y.
Integrating case-based computerized laboratories into high school chemistry

The Chemical Educator, 9, 4-8.

Dori, Y. J., Sasson, I., Kaberman, Z. & Herscovitz, O.
Computerized laboratories and molecular models in chemistry

Alon Morei Hachemia Al Chemiya, 4, 30-37. (In Hebrew)

Herscovitz, O., Kaberman, Z., Sasson, I., & Dori, Y.
The role of pedagogical practices in novice teachers' work

European Journal of Educational Research, 9(2), 457-469.

Sasson, I., Kalir, D., & Malkinson, N.
Becoming a scientist - Career choice characteristics

Accepted to International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Sasson, I.
A model for pedagogical characterization of innovative learning spaces: A tool for the professional development of educators

Accepted to "Eyunim Bechinuch" (In Hebrew)

Sasson, I.

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