Dr. Vered Naor

Researcher and manager youth science activities
Research Interests
Selected Publications

In recent years the study focuses mainly on sever grapevine diseases with no control means. The primary approach is using endophytic bacteria as bio-control agents. The research tools include nurse culture in vitro, stem cuttings, microbiology and molecular methods. The research is conducted in the laboratory, greenhouse and field.

From educational aspect - the focus is on science education to elementary and high school students. The main topics involve the introduction of local wild plant species into sustainable gardening. 

Isolating intact phytoplasma particles from plants for sequencing applications and for testing host responses to phytoplasmas

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Introducing the potential biological control agent Frateuria defendens into potted and field-grown grapevines

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Phytopathologia Mediterraneae 58(2):341-346.
Frateuria defendens sp. nov., bacterium isolated from the yellows grapevine’s disease vector Hyalesthes obsoletus

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Diaporthe diversity and pathogenicity revealed from a broad survey of grapevine diseases in Europe.

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Dyella-like bacterium isolated from an insect as a potential biocontrol agent against grapevine yellows

Phytopathology 108(3):336-341.

Lilach Iasur-Kruh, Tirtza Zahavi, Roni Barkai, Shiri Freilich, Einat Zchori Fein, Vered Naor. 2018