The Research Greenhouse

The University of Haifa

The University of Haifa is SRI's academic auspice and escorts the institution for more than three decays. The relationship between SRI and the university span beyond formal auspice to mutual scientific endeavors, joint grants, mentoring students, and researches affiliations in the university departments.   

The educational activity in Shamir Research Institute includes substantial participation in the regional educational initiative to enhance the science studies of children in the periphery. We established a highly controlled greenhouse that is aimed for conducting scientific projects of researches and research projects for students and school pupils. Our meta topics involve physiology and botanical studies on introducing local native plants into community and school gardens. Many students, school pupils and teachers from all sectors (Jewish, Moslems, Christians, Druze, and Circassian) participate in our activities every year. We are developing partnerships and collaborations with the lecturers and students from Ohalo college for teacher cadets in our vicinity, emphasizing biological and ecological questions on plant interaction with biotic and abiotic factors. The future vision is to be the center for agriculture and biological studies and activities for high school students and teachers in our region.

Regional Municipality

The Golan Heights regional municipality and Kazerin local municipality are working hand to hand with SRI administration and researches. One of the main goals of SRI is to assist and improve regional matters and thus a close collaboration with the hosting municipalities is beneficial and fruit full for the region. Both Meyers serve in SRI's governing council.


The Ministry of Science and Technology

The Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology is governing has founded several regional R&Ds in which SRI was the first. The Ministry of Science and Technology is a very important economic contributor to SRI, both in funds and in scientific grants. Representatives of MOST are present in SRI's governing council.