Shamir Research Institute

A Leading Multi Research Institute in the North

For more than three decades the Shamir Research Institute has been operating from the capital city of the Golan Heights, Katzrin, to advance the practical, applicable and academic research across the Golan and beyond. The institute is home for scientists who live in the Golan, where they do the research and where they find practical solutions in a varied gamut of subjects.

  • Works with the support of the Ministry of Science in conjunction with the Municipalities of the Golan and under the guidance of the University of Haifa.
  • Constitutes an anchor for innovation while using local resources and keeping the existing viable
  • Leads and encourages academic conferences – locally and internationally
  • Works with relevant research programs for the area; such as Agro-tech, Education & Society, Environmental sciences, History and Archeology
  • Employs more than 80 employees comprised of more than 20 Ph.Ds, alongside Post Doctorates, Junior Investigators, Research Assistants, Research Students and Administration
  • Operates Molecular labs, Plant breeding rooms, Microscopic tools – genetic and microbiological, an advanced greenhouse for Agro-Innovation research as well as an outsourcing entrepreneurship in the agro-tech field
  • In contact with local and national industries, Academic Institutions and statutory establishments