Ecology and Agroecology


  • Cultivation and domestication of the mushroom Pleurotus eryngii var ferulae in the Golan Heights and studying the association between the plant host and the mushroom
  • Studying the effect of the global warming and climate changes on the wild mushrooms of Israel
  • Utilize the national fungi collection deposited in the Shamir Institute in order to search for natural substances
  • Establishing a national plan for wild mushroom conservation in Israel


  • The interface and mutual relationships between agricultural and nature ecosystems
  • Pesticide drift from agricultural to open areas and their effects on natural ecosystems
  • Reducing runoff and soil loss in agricultural areas using weed cover

Applied Ecology

  • The decline of the Griffon vultures population in the Golan
  • Hunting effects on behavior and reproduction of wildlife
  • Utilizing citizen science to assess species richness and diversity

Ecology of Birds

  • Using drone remote sensing in agriculture to locate rodent hot spots, to measure rodent damage, and to calculate crane numbers
  • Using great tits as biological pest control agents of coddling moth in apple orchards in the Golan
  • Using owl pellets in a citizen science study in middle and high schools. This is the largest citizen science project in schools in Israel and funded by the US Embassy
  • Supervising and advising on wildlife farmer conflicts in agriculture