Soil and Water

Applied Microbiology

  • Biological removal of organic contaminants and micro-pollutants from water
  • Agricultural wastewater purification (dairy farms, fish ponds, olive mills)
  • Removal of nitrogen compounds from water (wastewater and drinking water
  • Immobilization and encapsulation of microbial biomass (bacteria and fungi)
  • Photosynthesis in plants and algae

Geomorphology and Hydrology

  • Drainage basins evolution and surface runoff
  • Sediment and contaminants transport
  • Soil erosion and preservation in agriculture and open areas
  • Remotely sensed detection of climatic and hydrologic changes and trends
  • Landslides and cliffs evolution

Soil research

  • Research of the impact of fertilizers, compost (from different sources) and recycled organic matter on  crops, plants,  soil and the surrounding area in order to improve  fertilization management
  • Research of the influences of the use of water for irrigation of crops, plants, soil, and the surrounding area to improve the use of grey/ recycled water
  • Development of tools for efficient use of water and fertilization in agriculture to decrease the input and increase the profitability
  • Development of protocol for growing young trees
  • Improving nutrition in orchards and field crops
  • Use of remote sensory equipment, geographical information systems, and laboratory tools for monitoring