Golan Agri Innovation Unit

Our Goal:

To promote social and environmental prosperity in the Golan Heights region by accelerating agricultural innovation and excellence: 

  • Pioneering agriculture, based on the latest science and cutting-edge technology
  • Market-based thriving agriculture that supports employment and economic growth
  • Using Sustainable and regenerative agriculture that preserves natural resources and support ecological processes.
  • Adaptive agriculture to cope with global and regional climate change.
  • Inclusive agriculture that welcomes all gender, ages, religions and ethnic groups.


  • To provide high-quality professional service and support to the Golan’s farmers and ranchers.
  • To identify and develop novel and profitable crops.
  • To improve and optimize existing crops and business models.
  • To lead education for the values of agriculture and preserve the agricultural character of the Golan Heights.
  • To raise the next generation of the Golan farmers and entrepreneurs as a key pillar in driving regional economic growth. 

Visti our website: http://www.agrigolan.org.il

Our Team: