Commercial translation of the Shamir research Institute research to the relevant worlds of economic content, while adhering to the principle that the implementation of the research and its products will be carried out in the Golan Heights, as far as possible, and as a result will develop and establish the Golan Heights. The company manages the entire field of technological commercialization activities, from the patent registering of the inventors' inventions to the licenses issuance to the relevant industrial bodies and the establishment of start-up companies.
The company fosters innovation and creativity and contributes to Shamir research Institute by initiating and promoting new knowledge-intensive projects, while developing and encouraging professional collaborations that can accompany the researchers to continue and assist them in the process. The company fosters innovation and entrepreneurship strives for excellence, efficiency and flexibility in its activities as a fast, efficient and professional interface between scientific innovation and the industrial world.
Company CEO: Dina Gilad.
Chairman of the Board: Prof. Dan Peer and members of the Board of Directors: Ariel Sagi, Giora Chaplinsky, Adv. Avishai Levy, Idit Gutman, Yair Golan and Dr. Yaron Dekel.

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The Shamir Research Institute conducts research with applied implications in the Golan Heights. Its research and activities are of great interest for academic institutions and commercial companies.

At the beginning of 2022, a subsidiary, Tora Developments Ltd., was established, fully owned by the Shamir Research Institute. 

The company is responsible for bridging and transferring the innovative academic knowledge and technologies created as part of the academic research from Shamir research Institute to the business and industry community through dynamic and creative commercialization.