Water resource management.  Agricultural consulting to promote water sustainability. Establishing and operating reservoirs, deep wells, and water management systems. Mey Golan specializes in water management from developing water sources and distribution systems to providing knowledge for maintaining existing systems.

Newsight Imaging develops advanced CMOS image sensor chips for two main applications: 3D depth camera sensors serving verticals such as Mobile, Robotics, Industry 4.0, and Automotive Safety and Surveillance. Newsight has sold more than 200,000 chips to the machine vision market and has conducted successful POCs with leading global companies. The second application is a spectrometer on chip providing affordable quality inspection solutions for the medical, water, food & beverage industries and a variety of other materials. Founded in 2016, Newsight’s team has more than 26 years of experience, has already managed to release 4 sensor chips to the market and sells at high volumes with a large pipeline of customers. The company has 14 US and EU patents, was named Cool Vendor in the Novel Sensors category by Gartner and received 3 grants from the Israel Innovation Authority.

Israel's largest and leading company that manufactures and markets substrates and potting soil for greenhouse crops, professional nurseries and garden centers.

Zemach field service laboratory. Zemach Jordan valley regional agricultural research center. Laboratory analyses and agronomic advice supporting Israeli agriculture for over 60 years. The laboratory specializes in analyses of soil, water, leaves, fertilizers, composts and substates.

Zemach Jordan valley regional agricultural research center. Laboratory analyses and agronomic advice supporting Israeli agriculture for over 60 years. The laboratory specializes in analyses of soil, water, leaves, fertilizers, composts and substates.

Netafim is an Israeli manufacturer of irrigation equipment. The company produces drippers, dripperlines, sprinklers, and micro-emitters. Netafim also manufactures and distributes crop management technologies, including monitoring and control systems, dosing systems, and crop management software. As of 2012, Netafim was the global leader on the fast-expanding market of drip- and micro-irrigation.

Carmel Winery is a vineyard and winery in Israel. Founded in 1882 by Edmond James de Rothschild, its products are exported to over 40 countries. It is the largest winery in Israel, with a local market share of almost 50%. The company holds the two largest wineries in Israel (Rishon Le Zion and Zichron Ya'acov). Carmel Winery owns numerous vineyards across Israel, from the Galilee and the Golan Heights in the North to the Negev in the South. On average, Carmel harvests about 25,000 tons of grapes, which is approximately 50% of Israel's total harvest.

The Stockton Group (STK) develops and markets biopesticides based on plant extracts. It offers a variety of products adapted to specific regional particularities, biological parameters, and regulatory guidelines. Stockton’s flagships products, Timorex Gold and the hybrid fungicide Regev, controls a broad spectrum of crop diseases, demonstrating an efficacy similar to that of chemical fungicides. The product is suitable for both conventional and organic crops.

The Pri-Beresheet corporation was established in 2005. The Partners are five Galilee settlements and eight kibbutzim and moshavim from the Golan Heights region. As to 2012, Pri-Beresheet is marketing approximately 50000 tons of fruit per year, which are 30% of the deciduous fruits market in Israel. In addition to the market in Israel, Pri-Beresheet also exporting fruits to Great-Brittan, Russia, South-Africa, and Cyprus.

Agrica CTS specializes in the production and marketing of agricultural solutions in the crop protection and seed areas. Agrica, the Agricultural Division, is primarily involved with representing international companies at the forefront of agricultural research and development. They import, register, market, and distribute plant protection products, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, and seeds.

ADAMA Makhteshim is a leading global manufacturer and distributor worldwide of crop protection solutions.

The Golan Heights Winery is an Israeli winery located in Katzrin. It is Israel's third-largest winery. The Golan Heights Winery is jointly owned by eight Israeli settlements—moshavim and kibbutzim, which also supply the grapes. Its first vintage was released in 1984. Production in 2008 reached 6 million bottles a year, 30% of which were exported.

Galil Mountain Winery is jointly owned by Kibbutz Yiron and Golan Heights Winery. The first vineyards were planted in 1996. raised the banner for leading a vision of sustainability in the vineyards and the winery. Production in 2010 reached over 1 million bottles a year, 25% of which were exported.

The Charter Group of Wildlife Ecology cooperates with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Agamon Hula Park, and KKL-JNF on the conservation of wildlife in a media campaign using live 24/7 online cameras.

BioCastle is committed to exploring, inventing, and discovering new, innovative water treatment processes for challenging modern industry contaminations.  We take a novel approach to water treatment and aim to revolutionize the implementation of biological treatment to increase water viability and safety.  Simply, BioCastle applies bio-engineering to your water environment, offering safe, cost-effective, cutting-edge water treatment solutions to your particular challenges.

The Galilee Society – The Arab National Society for Health, Research, and Services (R.A.) – is a leading Palestinian Arab non-partisan, community-wide, non-governmental organization located in Israel, which was established by four healthcare professionals in 1981. The over-riding goal of the Galilee Society is to achieve equitable health, environmental and socio-economic conditions, and to increase development opportunities for Palestinian Arabs inside Israel, both as individual citizens and as a national minority living in their homeland. In its work, the Galilee Society strives for a modern, democratic society based on pluralism and equality while seeking to retain the national identity, rich history, and traditions of Palestinian Arab culture.

BioBee uses biological/natural resources to provide effective solutions to pest problems all the while maintaining the natural balance and reducing the use of harsh chemicals. BioBee specializes in mass rearing of beneficial insects and mites as an alternative to chemical pesticides, tailoring environmentally friendly solutions to plant protection and pollination problems in agriculture in Israel and globally.

Tel Aviv University (TAU) is a public research university in Tel Aviv, Israel. With over 30,000 students, it is the largest university in the country. Located in northwest Tel Aviv, the university is the center of teaching and research of the city, comprising 9 faculties, 17 teaching hospitals, 18 performing arts centers, 27 schools, 106 departments, 340 research centers, and 400 laboratories.

Tel-Hai College is a college located in northern Israel. The college offers academic and continuing education programs for approximately 4,500 students. The college offers degrees in life sciences, social sciences, computer science, and the humanities.

Hai Bari is the first and only food label in Israel that guarantees consumers that their meat and dairy products come from farms that implement the highest animal welfare standards. Hai Bari provides Israeli consumers transparency on the origins of their food and allows traceability from farm to fork.