Tatzpiteva is a citizen science based project in which members of the public are invited to take part in observing and identifying the Golan's fauna and flora, learn about the Golan wildlife, and contribute to future preservation of nature. The project objectives are twofold: to collect data on the Golan fauna and flora, and to strengthen the residences' involvement in the local nature conservation, while increasing their affiliation to the environment. The Tatzpiteva project is based on an application which was developed, based on the international application iNaturalist. All observations and additional information are presented in the Tazpiteva web site. Participating in the project provides a unique opportunity to learn about the Golan’s nature in an active and meaningful way, and to contribute to the research and to nature conservation. Since its imitation in January 2016, more than 25,000 observations were recorded. Researchers of Shamir Research Institute are accompanying both the ecological and the community aspects of the project