Dr. Yasmin Barselai Shaham

Also lectures at: Adjunct Lecturer at Tel-Hai Academic College
Research Interests
Selected Publications
  • Social stratification and mobility
  • School to work transition
  • Post-secondary vocational education.  See my lecture on educational pathways that include this type of education here
  • Sociology of work
  • The Druze of the Golan Heights
A “safety net”? The role of post-secondary vocational education in mobility processes in Israel.

A thesis submitted for the degree “Doctor of philosophy”, University of Haifa

Barselai-Shaham, Y. (2020).
Academic institution and graduates employment opportunities

Israeli Sociology, 16 (2): 56-75 (Hebrew)

Barseilai-Shaham, Y. and Yaish, M. (2015)