Prof. Dan Malkinson

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Haifa
Also lectures at: Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Haifa
Research Interests
Selected Publications
  • Wildlife and Humans
  • Urban Ecology
  • The effect of hunting on the physiology and reproduction potential of wildlife by measuring sex and stress hormones.
  • The effect of human activity (tourism, settlements, infrastructure) on wildlife activity pattern
Differential response of mammals to agricultural fences—The effects of species vagility and body size

Basic and Applied Ecology 33:79-88.

Kopler, I., Malkinson D., 2018.
'The effects of post-fire forest management on soil erosion rates 3 and 4 years after a wildfire, demonstrated on the 2010 Mt. Carmel fire

International Journal of Wildland Fire 28: 377-385.

Zituni, R., Wittenberg, L. and Malkinson, D. 2019
Ancient trash mounds unravel urban collapse a century before the end of Byzantine hegemony in the southern Levant

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116:8239-8248.

Bar-Oz, G., Weissbrod, T., Erickson-Gini, T., Tepper, Y., Malkinson, D., Benzaquen, M., Langgut , D., Dunseth, Z. C., Butler, D. H, Shahack-Gross, R., Roskin Y., Fuks, D., Weiss, E., Marom, N., Ktalav, I., Blevis, R., Zohar, I., Farhi, Y., Filatova, A., Gorin-Rosen, Y., Yan X. and Boaretto E. (2019)
Effects of land use type, spatial patterns and host presence on Leishmania tropica vectors activity

Parasites & vectors, 12:320. doi:10.1186/s13071-019-3562-0

Waitz, Y., Paz, S., Meir, D. and Malkinson, D., 2019
Long‐term griffon vulture population dynamics at Gamla Nature Reserve

Journal of Wildlife Management

Choresh, Y, Burg, D Trop T. Izhaki I. Malkinson D. 2018


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