Dr. Emily Tran

mobility of contaminants
Research Interests
Selected Publications

My research interests focus on contaminant transport, fate and behavior in the environment. In particular, I am interested in how the presence of mobile colloidal-sized particles can move in the environment and potentially impact the mobility of secondary contaminants sorbed to them. Specifically, I am studying the mobility of microplastic particles through soils and how naturally occurring colloids can facilitate the migration of metals such as radionuclides. In addition, I’m also studying how the interactions between particles in streams influence the mobility of pathogens within the water.

Influence of Intrinsic Colloid Formation on Migration of Cerium through Fractured Carbonate Rock

Environ. Sci. Technol. 2015, 49 (22), 13275–13282.

Tran, E. L.; Klein-BenDavid, O.; Teutsch, N.; Weisbrod, N.
Influence of Heteroaggregation Processes between Intrinsic Colloids and Carrier Colloids on Cerium(III) Mobility through Fractured Carbonate Rocks

Water Res. 2016, 100, 88–97

Tran, E. L.; Klein-BenDavid, O.; Teutsch, N.; Weisbrod, N.