Prof. Shmuel Shamai (Emeritus)

Research Interests
Selected Publications


Characteristics of entrepreneurship of small businesses of women in rural villages in the norther periphery

Social Issues In Israel (Hebrew)

Greenberg Zeev, Arnon Sara, Shamai Shmuel & Schnell Izhak (2017)
Identity and sense of place of Ghajar residents living in border junction of Syria, Israel and Lebanon

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences

Shamai, S., Shemali, A., Gorbatkin, D ., Chativ N., Elachmad, H., Ilatov Z.
Comparison of very small businesses of Arabs and Jews in the north Israel periphery

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 28 (1), 117-137.

Greenberg Zeev (2016)
Formal and non-formal support among Jews and Arab women with breast cancer.

Social Issues In Israel 22, 119-142, (Hebrew)

Shamai, S., Glyser, T. Ben-Chaim, I & Zidan, J. (2016)
Integrating Immigrant and Absorbing Groups into a Joint Community

Athens Journal of Social Sciences, 3 (4), 321-336.

Arnon, S. & Shamai, S. (2016)