Dr. Yaron Dekel

Scientific Director
The agri-genomic lab & Scientific Director
Also lectures at: Zefat Academic College
Research Interests
Selected Publications
  • Mammals domestication
  • Neoteny
  • Promoters
  • Genomics of domestication
  • Drug Delivery

The genomic basis for mammal's domestication

The evolutionary process of animal and plant domestication was the driving force for the human transition from the ancient hunting and gathering lifestyle to the settled agricultural and cultural one. The overall goal of our research is to search for the key genetic events responsible for the vast changes that occur upon the shift from a wild to a domesticated animal. Our research focuses on comparing regulatory sequences (i.e., promoters) of wild animals and their domesticated counterparts.

Agrigenomic innovations

Genomic tools are the most significant and widely used tools in agriculture for the purpose of breeding, tracing and improving traits in plants and animal alike. The field of Agrigenomics is vastly growing thanks to the improvements in high throughput sequencing technologies like next generation sequencing (NGS) with specific protocols designed for plant/animal genomes such as genotyping by sequencing (GBS). These genetic tools assist farmers, breeders and law enforcement authorities in many aspects of cultivation, analysis of offspring and traits and for forensic purposes and are also used for 'Farm to fork' endeavors.

Sedimentary Marl mudstone as a substrate in a xeric environment revealed by microbiome analysis

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Koryachenko O, Girsowicz R, Dekel Y, Doniger T, Steinberger
The significance of human spermatozoa vacuoles can be elucidated by a novel procedure of array Comparative Genomic Hybridization

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Berkovitz A, Dekel Y, Goldstein R, Bsoul S, Machluff Y, Bercovich D
Expanding the world map of canine nt230(del4) MDR1 mutation frequency: differences in prone pure breeds, their mixes and mongrels in Israel – insights and clinical implications

BMC Vet Res, 13, 333 (2017).

Dekel Y, Machluf, Y, Stoler, A, Aderet, A, Baumel, D, Kellerman, E, Plotsky, Y, Noked Partouche, O, Elhalal, G, Brand, R, Ben-Shlomo, I and Bercovich
Mammal domestication and the symbiotic spectrum

PNAS. 114, 27 (2017) doi: 10.1073/pnas.1705784114.

Dekel, Y, Machluf, Y, Brand, R, Noked Partouche, O, Ben-Shlomo, I, Bercovich
Formation of multimeric antibodies for self-delivery of active monomers

Drug Deliv. 24 (2017) 199–208.

Dekel, Y. Machluf, T. Gefen, G. Eidelshtein, A. Kotlyar, Y. Bram, et al.
Dispersal of an ancient retroposon in the TP53 promoter of Bovidae: Phylogeny, novel mechanisms, and potential implications for cow milk persistency

BMC Genomics. 16 (2015). doi:10.1186/s12864-015-1235-8doi:

Dekel, Y. Machluf, S. Ben-Dor, O. Yifa, A. Stoler, I

Dr. Yossy Machluf

Research associate

Ayelet Barash

Ph.D candidate

Oshrat Noked

Research associate