Lior Gur

PhD student
Research Interests
Selected Publications

Plant Pathology

  • Development of effective disease management in deciduous trees in Israel, like: apples, peach and nectarine, grapevines.
  • Epidemiology and development of disease managements for foliar diseases of apple such as: apple scab, powdery mildew, Alternaria fruit rot and moldy core.
  • The use of disease support systems in disease management of apple scab and grape downy mildew in Israel.
  • Population genetics of necator (causing grape powdery mildew) in Israel.
  • Resistance of fungi to fungicides, and integration of bio-fungicides and macro/micronutrients in disease management in order to reduce fungicide usage and resistance risk.
  • Integration of new technologies to control foliar diseases.


Alon Meshoolam

Research Assistant

Yoni Kinreich

Research Assistant